FINS Insider Pro Staff Program
Charter Captains, Tournament Pros and Web Influencers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the FINS Insider Pro Staff Program. Below is a brief outline of what FINS requires:

All FINS Insiders must be 18 years or older (unless authorized through guardian)

FINS Insiders must “Like” FINS Facebook page, “Follow” FINS Instagram page, and “Subscribe” to FINS YouTube page. This allows us to tag FINS Insiders in photos, promoting your business as well. All FINS Insiders will be announced on all FINS social media. All FINS Insiders will be listed on the FINS website with link back to your website or social media page.

FINS Facebook

FINS Instagram

FINS YouTube

FINS Insiders must write a “review” on FINS Facebook Review Page and/or post a video review and tag @finsfishing so it can be shared to FINS Facebook page. Your video review may be selected to win a 1500 yard spool of FINS braid.

When making social media posts, please tag @finsfishing or use hashtag #finsfishing when applicable.

FINS Insiders must mention FINS to customers and tackle shops, seminars and interviews.

If you have a website, the FINS logo or text link must be on your website and made clickable back to (see Affiliate Program Below)

FINS logo must be on tournament shirts. (FINS logo will be provided in vector format)

All photos and comments posted on FINS social media pages can be used by BBS TECH / FINS LLC to help promote the FINS brand.


Once Application is approved:

FINS Insiders will be listed on and shared/promoted periodically on FINS social media pages.

FINS Insiders will receive 40% off retail cost on all FINS braids. (Retail cost listed on website)

FINS apparel can be ordered at 20% off retail cost.

Eligible for the FINS Insider Affiliate Program. Add FINS logo or link to your website and receive 15% commission on all FINS braid products sold.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the FINS Insiders and think you'd be a good fit - Please email your FINS Insiders request to If your request is accepted an email will be sent to you with further FINS Insiders information.