FINS Hollow Core Spool Hollow Core - Metered Colored

FINS now produces 4 tensiles of 16 end Hollow Core Braid. Great for making wind on leaders, top- shotting or for use as your main line. We produce our own Hollow Core lines and stand behind our quality 100%.

Price: $37.95

FINS Metered Colored Spool Metered Colored Braid

Some fishing applications require that you know how much line is in the water, and FINS METERED COLORED Braid will enable you to know with precision. The line has 4 colors each being 25 feet long with a 1 foot white marker in the middle of each color (12/1/12). The colors are Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue. FINS METERED COLORED Braid is produced using an eight end braid, making it very smooth and allowing it to pack well on the reel.

Price: $43.55