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  • Windtamer is the most versatile braided fishing line in the entire FINS Braids lineup.

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  • FINS Sling Braidis a super smooth 8-end braid with an extremely supple feel.

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  • FINS 40G is the most unique braid on the market and a true game changer!

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  • Crappie Braid

    FINS Crappie Braid is specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, finesse jigging and minnow fishing.

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  • XS Big Game

    FINS XS Big Game Braid is an 8-end braid with the greatest abrasion, abuse and shock resistance in a braided line.

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  • Icetamer

    Icetamer Braid is engineered for sub-zero fishing conditions. No water absorption eliminates icing issues.

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Meet Braidman

The Braidman, Dave Burch has been making braided fishing line for over 25 years. He doesn't just make braid, he creates different products for different fishing situations.

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    Fins is hands down the best braid on the market. Don't waste time with that cheap junk.

  • Braidman is the fishing braid man!

    Thank you, Mr. Burch! Seems like I've watched a million videos, but did not get as much information as 5 minutes of yours!

  • Made in the USA!

    You can tell it's high quality and made in the USA when you use it.

  • Get it Done!

    FINS can ALWAYS get it done where all other lines fall short.

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Braid Science

FINS is the best because of rigorous testing and braid science! FINS has been researching, engineering, developing, and manufacturing the worlds best fishing braids for decades in the FINS factory in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Learn about FINS Braids science!

FINS Braids

FINS Windtamer Braids

FINS Windtamer Braided Fishing Line Windtamer braids are the most versatile braided... 

Why FINS Braids?

  • Blackfin Rods

    Blackfin rods makes hand-crafted, American-made fishing rods in Florida, using a process that is rooted in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Blackfin Rods are widely known as the best and most durable fishing rods on the water.

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  • Glacier Outdoor

    Glacier Outdoor has been trusted by anglers and outdoorsmen for decades. Since 1982, Glacier has been utilizing innovative fabrics and designs from the best fishing and hunting gloves to sun gloves and sun protection, Glacier has you covered.

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