Check out our new SPIN braid made specifically for spinning reels with a unique 5 end braid structure and just the right amount of body that will ensure pay off from your reel without springing. FINS SPIN will pass through your guides without bounce and will provide smooth casts and a tangle free experience. FINS new INFINITY braid is made from genuine UHMWPE yarns that are colored black at the point of creation making INFINITY a no stretch, super strong, durable, silky smooth texture and color that will never fade. INFINITY is the best 8 end braid available on the market. 

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FINS Neck Gaiter FINS Hollow Core Spool FINS Downrigger Braid Spool
FINS Neck Gaiter
Price: $8.50

FINS Infinity Box FINS Metered Colored Spool Sling Braid
FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box Pitch Black Box Crappie braid box

FINS Long Sleeve T-Shirt FINS Hollow Core Spool FINS 40G 150 Yd spool
FINS Long Sleeve Tee
Price: $23.00


FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box FINS Spin Box FINS Windtamer box