Thanks to the FINS Nation for your support, we are continuing the savings in October. This month, place an order totaling $50 or more and receive FREE shipping and a FREE 150 yard spool of 30 lb Pitch Black Windtamer braid.

Now is the time to add new FINS products to your arsenal - FINS 40G, Sling Braid and FINS Pro Team Apparel and get FREE braid for your purchase.

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FINS Hollow Core Spool FINS Metered Colored Spool Team FINS Pro Pullover Hoodie
FINS Hollow Core Spool FINS Downrigger Braid Spool FINS Performance Shirt
FINS Performance Shirt
Price: $14.99

FINS "Braid in the USA" Camo Hat Sling Braid FINS 40G 150 Yd spool

FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box Pitch Black

FINS Windtamer box