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FINS Braids

FINS Spin5 Fishing Braid

FINS Spin5 Fishing Braid

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FINS Spin5 is constructed with a unique 5-end braid structure resulting in increased roundness over a 4-end braid pattern. Unlike inferior, stiff, imported braided lines, our FINS Spin5 has just the right amount of body that will ensure it pays off your reel smoothly and through guides without bounce for noticeably longer casts. 

  • 5-end design is 35% rounder than most 4-end braids
  • Thinner diameter by tensile vs. 4-end
  • Excellent on spinning, conventional and baitcasting reels
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More about FINS Braids

Made in the USA

FINS Braids are designed, engineered, and made in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA.


FINS Braids testing makes sure our braids are the the best fishing lines made in the USA.

Braid Science

Every product we create is rooted in our decades of experience in research, development, and science. FINS Braids are experts in the braiding industry.

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