40g sUMMER bogO sALE

40G is Buy One Get One FREE in the month of June!! That's right, from June 1st - 30th if you buy one 150 or 300 yard spool of FINS 40G, we'll send you two. (*FREE spool will be exact same as the one ordered.)

Free Shipping on Orders over $50

Team FINS Pro Pullover Hoodie FINS Hollow Core Spool FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box
FINS Pullover / Hoodie
Price: $24.99

Hollow Core
Price: $34.50

FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box FINS Performance Shirt FINS Windtamer 150 Yd box
XS (10lb - 50lb)
Price: $21.95

FINS Performance Shirt
Price: $14.99

Windtamer (4lb - 50lb)
Price: $11.80

FINS 40G 150 Yd spool Sling Braid FINS Metered Colored Spool
Price: $25.99

Sling Braid
Price: $17.80

Metered Colored Braid
Price: $43.55

FINS Downrigger Braid Spool FINS "Braid in the USA" Camo Hat FINS Shock Absorbing 150 Yd Box
Downrigger Braid
Price: $24.65
Shock Absorbing
Price: $10.00

FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box
Original PRT (4lb - 50lb)
Price: $11.80

XS (60lb - 150lb)
Price: $24.30