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FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box FINS Metered Colored Spool FINS "Braid in the USA" Camo Hat FINS Original PRT Metered Colored Box
FINS Downrigger Braid Spool FINS Shock Absorbing 150 Yd Box Team FINS Pro Pullover Hoodie FINS 40G 150 Yd spool
FINS Pullover / Hoodie
Price: $24.99


FINS Windtamer 150 Yd box FINS Performance Shirt FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box FINS Hollow Core Spool
FINS Performance Shirt
Price: $14.99

FINS Windtamer 150 Yd box FINS Extra Smooth 150 Yd box FINS Original PRT 150 Yd box Sling Braid

What Anglers Are Saying

"FINS Windtamer is the best line I've ever used in tournaments and as a teaching tool with high school bass teams."

Eddie Johns - Anniston, AL

"FINS Windtamer will allow you to fish more and not have to stop and untangle wind knots with clients."

Captain Noah Lynk - Beaufort, NC

"FINS 12lb Windtamer is my go-to line. It casts great, has amazing durability and I never deal with wind knots!"

Dave Bernstein - Morehead City, NC

"I use Windtamer on all my charters, I spend less time on wind knots and more time catching fish!"

Captain Freddy Fredrick - Neches, TX

"FINS has changed the game for me. A line for all styles for Pros and average Joe's and every situation I fish."

Hai Truong - Miami, FL

"I use FINS 40G because it is the strongest, smoothest, and smallest diameter line in the fishing industry!"

Bryson Hatcher - Mobile, AL