Here's the top seven reasons to choose braid over mono

Seven Reasons to Use Braid for Fishing

The reason anglers turn to braid over mono are countless.

Here's the top seven reasons to choose braid over mono:

  1. Braid does not stretch like mono, allowing the angler to feel everything touching the lure or bait. Mono lines can stretch well over 100% causing many bites to be unnoticed.
  2. Braids typically offer 4-6 times smaller diameters than Mono of the same tensile strength (pound test).
  3. Braids being smaller in diameter allows the angler to cast further with light lures, giving the angler the opportunity to reach productive spots not available when fishing mono.
  4. Braids also allow the angler to use lighter reels as the braid diameter will allow for more yardage in smaller volume, at the end of the day your arms will thank you.
  5. Braids do not develop memory like mono will so they cast without the coiling associated with monofilament which will slow down your presentation and reduce casting distance.
  6. Braids do not deteriorate with exposure to UV light thus there is no need to change out braid until it shows obvious signs of wear which takes a lot of use. Mono must be changed more often as UV sun exposure breaks down mono lines.
  7. Braided lines are more resistant to abrasions, making fishing easier around rocks, structures, and underwater obstacles.

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