What’s the best line for Crappie fishing?

What’s the best line for Crappie fishing?

Crappie fishing used to be considered “easy fishing”, but it’s quickly becoming very competitive and technical. Crappie tournaments are popping up all over the country and competitive anglers want the best line to catch bluegill, sunfish, perch, and crappie.

In the past, a simple pole with any line and a few minnows was all you needed to catch crappie. Today’s crappie anglers often choose ultralight spinning outfits, jigging rods or trolling rods for fishing crappie.

Crappie anglers have typically had many choices of lines. However, anglers who used to fish with 2lb monofilament or fluorocarbon are moving to specialized crappie fishing line like FINS Crappie braided fishing line for fishing for crappie in clear water or in standing timber.

It’s funny to think that fishing line hasn’t had them same attention, hype, or marketing as all the fancy  fishing gear that we’re all fascinated with. With all the fancy gizmos, electronics and accessories mounted on today’s boats, one thing remains the same. The most important link between the angler and fish is always the line.

What is the best fishing line for Crappie Fishing?

FINS has led the fishing line industry in technology and innovation of braided lines for decades. While the other brands look for inexpensive ways to import cheap fishing braid, FINS fishing braid has been quietly in the background, focused on building better braid and meeting the needs of today’s fishermen with their American made situational fishing braids.

Bluegill, sunfish, perch, and crappie anglers all over the world are moving away from the stretchy, easily damaged, cheap Chinese lines to the advanced technology of FINS Crappie Braid.

We are proud to introduce FINS Crappie Braid, the world’s best fishing line for crappie. Whether you are out on the water in a competitive crappie tournament or sitting on the bank with a bobber and a minnow, FINS Crappie Braid is the best thing you can do to fish crappie, sunfish, bluegill or perch more effectively.


FINS Crappie Braid front of boxFINS Crappie Braid BoxFINS Crappie Braid back of box


FINS Crappie Braid is specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, finesse jigging and minnow fishing. Crappie Braid offers anglers ultralight diameters paired with unparalleled strength, making it the perfect braided fishing line for crappie, bluegill, perch, sunfish.

  • Firm round shape in an exceptionally small diameter 
  • Reduces wind knots, tangles, and twist.
  • Color does not fade.
  • Excellent for ultra-light jigging, as light as 1/64 oz.
  • Available in tensile: 4,8,12
  • Available in slate green or high-vis yellow



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