FINS Braid Brands & Mono Equivalents

Windtamer FIshing Braid Logo

Windtamer is the most versatile braided fishing line in the entire FINS Braids lineup. From farm ponds to offshore billfishing, Windtamer braid is the go-to choice for any angler looking for braided fishing line that will perform exceptionally well in every fishery encountered. FINS unique post processing compacts the braid making it more firm and round, which allows Windtamer to pack tightly onto the reel.

FINS Spin5 Fishing Braid logo

FINS Spin5 is constructed with a unique 5-end braid structure resulting in increased roundness over a 4-end braid pattern. Unlike inferior, stiff, imported braided lines, our FINS Spin5 has just the right amount of body that will ensure it pays off your reel smoothly and through guides without bounce for noticeably longer casts.

Fins 40G logo




FINS 40G is the most unique braid on the market and a true game changer! Don't let the mono-like feel fool you this is a braided line with the highest strength-to-diameter ratio available. Our FINS exclusive 40G over-braiding process weaves 8 high-tenacity fiber bundles around a core bundle of fibers creating a super-round composite line structure that can fool the hand and eye. 


XS Big Game Fishing Braid logo

FINS XS Big Game Braid is a high tenacity 8-end braid post processed to be firm and round while providing the greatest abrasion, abuse and shock resistance found in a braided line. XS is a great choice for trolling in freshwater/saltwater, bottom fishing, punching or any application requiring extreme durability.


Infinity Braid logo

FINS Infinity Braid uses 8 jet black fibers colored at the point of creation. Infinity braid is recognizable by it’s noticeable supple feel and smooth texture. Infinity is arguably the smoothest and silkiest casting 8-end braided fishing line available.


Slind Braid by FINS logo

FINS Sling Braid is a super smooth 8-end braid with an extremely supple feel. Sling Braid is an excellent choice for spinning and baitcasting applications where you need a soft line that will allow for the best action of delicate presentation baits. Available in tensiles from 5 to 65 pound in both chartreuse and light green colors, Sling Braid is engineered and made in America by FINS to offer an 8 end braid for a 4 end price, and is 20% stronger than similar imported braids.

FINS Hollow Core braids are all made with 16 ends, making them easy to work with when splicing, and when inserting leader material for a smooth knotless transition from mainline to leader. Bluewater anglers will be able to get twice as much line on their reels as compared to using traditional monofilaments.


FINS Metered Colored Braid is marked with a repeating pattern of 4 colors to allow the angler to know exactly how much line is off the reel to place your bait presentation in front of fish known to be suspended up off the bottom. The line has 25-foot color segments of yellow, green, orange, and blue, with a 1-foot white mark in the center of each segment. MCB is an 8-end braid with a soft “hand” and no gummy coating or color transfer.

FINS Downrigger Braid offers significant advantages over stainless steel cables. FINS DRB eliminates fish startling vibration and greatly reduces blow-back allowing the angler to get down deeper. FINS DRB also will not kink and rust for longer life than stainless steel cables.

Downrigger is steel gray fishing braid.


Crappie fishing braid logo

FINS Crappie Braid is specifically engineered for ultralight fishing, finesse jigging and minnow fishing. Crappie Braid offers anglers ultralight diameters paired with unparalleled strength, making it the perfect braided fishing line for crappie, bluegill, perch, sunfish.

Icetamer ice fishing braid logo

Icetamer Braid is engineered for sub-zero fishing conditions. Zero water absorption is achieved by tightly braiding while using our FINS exclusive resin-infusion process. No water absorption eliminates icing issues.

 Windtamer Pitch Black Fishing Braid logo

FINS Windtamer Pitch Black Braid is our “Never-Fade Braid”. Pitch Black Braid is a variation of our hugely popular Windtamer product, a round firm braid that offers exceptional performance. Windtamer Pitch Black Braid is made with fibers that will never bleed or lose color. Bass Anglers will have no need for the markers most carry in their tackle box when they use Pitch Black Braid!