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FINS Braids

FINS Metered Colored Braid

FINS Metered Colored Braid

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FINS Metered Colored Braid is marked with a repeating pattern of 4 colors to allow the angler to know exactly how much line is off the reel to place your bait presentation in front of fish known to be suspended up off the bottom. The line has 25-foot color segments of yellow, green, orange, and blue, with a 1-foot white mark in the center of each segment. MCB is an 8-end braid with a soft “hand” and no gummy coating or color transfer.

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More about FINS Braids

Made in the USA

FINS Braids are designed, engineered, and made in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA.


FINS Braids testing makes sure our braids are the the best fishing lines made in the USA.

Braid Science

Every product we create is rooted in our decades of experience in research, development, and science. FINS Braids are experts in the braiding industry.

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